Nahanni Reforestation Book

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Dad started his company, Nahanni Reforestation, in 1977 and lead a core group of 30 treeplanters consisting of family, high school friends and folks met along the way planting roughly 20 million trees over 10 years on the remote west coast and central British Columbia, Canada. They would pack in whatever they needed to live for weeks at a time in out in the bush, often only accessible by water or air.

I was born in camp, in a teepee on a sandbar 11 miles up the Kingcome River in Kingcome Inlet, to my parents who were 19 and 20 years old at the time and a camp full of friends. Dad delivered me and my mother, Jenny, was back planting few days later, working while I slept in an empty tree box that she moved up and down the hill beside her. 

Many of my childhood memories in camp consist of hanging out with the dogs, riding in the back of trucks, sleeping in tree boxes, stealing icing while the cooks weren't looking, the music around late night fires and lots of early morning rain.

Dad photographed hundreds of Kodachrome slides between 1973 and 1986 and wrote a decade worth of journals, providing a unique documentation of life in his camps and a window into the grassroots of silviculture history in British Columbia.

All photographs by Daniel James. Edited and published by Nahanni Arntzen.

8x12 , 127 pages, hardcover.

Printed in the US


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