Book - Nahanni Reforestation

$ 35

A book of photographs, stories and journals by Nahanni's father, Daniel James, documenting life during the 10 years he ran his tree planting company, Nahanni Reforestation, that he formed when he was 22 years old.

Nahanni was born in a camp in Kingcome Inlet, 11 miles up the Kingcome River on  the remote BC coast. She spent her early childhood living in camps, traveling around with her family and their friends while they planted roughly 20 million trees into clearcut land throughout British Columbia.

All photos taken on Kodachrome slide film by Daniel James between 1973-1986

Curated and edited by Nahanni Arntzen

8x12 , 127 pages, hardcover.

Printed in the USA

Ready to ship on November 28th. 

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